Business Coming: Welcome to the South Fork neighborhood

I have to admit that I didn’t know much about Compass Outdoor Adventures. But then I spoke to Luke Talbott, CEO and Founder of Compass, who has been teaching and leading people in and out of the classroom for twenty years.

Former fifth-grade teacher Luke started Compass over a decade ago, building the business to help people realize that it’s okay to take risks and be curious because you don’t know. never what awaits us.

He’s taught people how to ride new fluid trails on mountain bikes, drive sideways rally cars, do long divisions, and code new websites in addition to many other skills and adventures.

Talbott had just started his corporate programs, unique team building activities designed to take teams outside and work together while having fun when Covid-19 struck. To survive, he and Compass shifted gears and started on treasure hunts.

In these interactive app-based scavenger hunts, teams solved missions designed to get everyone moving, laughing, and having fun.

Now Luke has embarked on a new adventure himself, a new headquarters for Compass, South Fork, just off Exit 32 in North Bend. Luke and some business partners, including Karin Ayling, director of corporate sales for Compass, have purchased the long plot for sale on which their new headquarters will be located.

Talbott envisions this new venture as an outdoor gathering center. A place where people can gather after exploring all the wonders the valley has to offer. He says: “Think of the outdoor beer gardens, the super cool events, the craft beers, the great food and even better vibes (than their old space).”

Events will include quiz nights, built by two Jeopardy champions, designer conversations by professionals such as photographers, videographers, mountain bikers and book presentations. It will be a place to learn and commune with other outdoor enthusiasts.

The plan is to rename and renew the existing space and offer coffee, beer, wine, food and event services starting in 2022.

Meanwhile, South Fork has a chef who puts together a menu of simple, healthy options (soups and sandwiches) for options to take out to the patio near an outdoor fireplace. An outdoor café will be installed to accompany your meals.

As Luke and his team would say, “The outdoors is our compass for finding our true north and becoming the best version of ourselves.” This new space could be the perfect place for many to come together.

Good luck, compass!

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