Bucket List BC: 5 Ultimate Indigenous Wilderness Adventures

Summer has officially arrived and you can celebrate by exploring British Columbia with an Indigenous wilderness experience in the wilderness.

There are many native outdoor activities to try with friends and family, like whale watching or even bear watching.

Here’s our ultimate list of Indigenous wilderness adventures you can try this summer.

Talaysay Tours is a cultural and ecological tour company owned by a First Nations family who reside on the Sunshine Coast and in Vancouver. It is their goal to provide authentic cultural and ecological experiences. They share tours, events and educational programs with visitors from around the world and North America. They also offer outdoor education in canoeing, kayaking, hiking, snowshoeing, hiking, nature walks, Coast Salish art.

Address: 334 Skawshen Road, West Vancouver
Call: 1-800-605-4643

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Adventures of the sea bass

The Sea Wolf Adventures guide teaches and passes on the knowledge of their ancestors. They are culturally trained and very active in potlatches today. Tours allow you to get up close to British Columbia’s iconic bears, otters and whales on an intimate and immersive wildlife viewing experience.

Address: 1514 Broughton Boulevard, Port McNeill
Call: 250-902-9653

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Homalco Wildlife and Cultural Tours

For two decades, Homalco Wildlife & Cultural Tours has guided groups through Bute Inlet and along the Orford River, where grizzly populations thrive during the salmon run. They offer bear watching, marine wildlife and cultural tours, all of which are linked to knowledge of our traditional way of life. They aim to create a sense of connection with their Indigenous culture.

Address: 1344 Island Road, Campbell River
Call: 250-923-0602

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Wild Clayoquot

Discover the wilderness of Clayoquot Sound with local experts on First Nations and ecological interpretation. Encounters can include gray whales, humpback whales, orcas, sea lions, eagles, sea otters, harbor porpoises, puffins and many varieties of seabirds and more.

Address: 316 Main Street, Tofino
Call: 250-266-0543

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Whale watching in Sydney

Begin your journey on a personalized 30-foot wildlife viewing boat that sets sail through the enchanting archipelago of Gulf Island. Your guide will take you on a thrilling west coast adventure across a vast ocean teeming with whales and stunning scenery.

Address: 2537 Beacon Avenue, Sidney
Call: 250-656-7599

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