Bridge Day 2022 brings visitors new and old to southern West Virginia

FAYETTE COUNTY, WV (WVNS) – After a two-year absence, countless people flocked to Fayette County for the long-awaited return of Bridge Day, ready to take advantage of all the event has to offer.

As a sea of ​​vendors, food stalls and riders enveloped Route 19, it looked like the event had picked up where it left off. The recent designation of the country’s newest national park has brought many first-time visitors to the region to take part in the biggest one-day event in the mountainous state.

“We had been up since 4:20 this morning so we could see the sunrise. We had a really freezing morning where I can feel the heat coming. But it’s been a good day so far, super enjoyable, I’m going to see the crowds fill up,” said Bernadette Goetz, a saleswoman.

Many locals were very happy to see the event again and better than ever. Kevin Bibb, along with his brother Keith and friend Bill Crozer explained that the event is much more than an outdoor adventure.

“Oh my God, look him and I can’t wait to be there for every year we’ve been through,” Bibb said, pointing to Keith. “We are so lucky to have everyone here again and watch the festivities. It’s excitement, this whole area is getting excited, especially us.

Although this is the first time many have visited the bridge, it won’t be the last. Christopher Liskey came over from Pennsylvania to run his own stand and said he was eager to return.

“Oh, I’ll be back next year. I’ll probably jump myself if I get the chance,” Liskey said.

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