Bill to Congress would complete the Continental Divide Trail

WASHINGTON (KDVR) – With over 160 miles of its route unfinished, the Continental Divide National Scenic Trail has never been completed, forcing hikers to use roads to connect to the next part of the trail.

The Continental Divide Trail Completion Act – introduced by U.S. Representative Joe Neguse, D-Boulder, to Congress on Friday – would order the U.S. Forest Service to complete the trail before its 50th anniversary in 2028.

“As a proud Continental Divide Trail walkway community, the Town of Grand Lake is pleased to support the Continental Divide Trail Completion Act to conserve and improve access to natural, scenic, historic and cultural resources on the along the Continental Divide, ”Grand Lake said Mayor Steve Kudron.

“Completion of the Continental Divide Trail will benefit the community of Grand Lake and the thousands of visitors who flock to the city for its natural environment and recreational resources,” said Kudron.

The trail follows the Continental Divide for over 3,100 miles and stretches from Canada to Mexico. The northern part of the trail ends at the Canadian border in Glacier National Park.

The trail passes through New Mexico, Colorado, Wyoming, Idaho, and Montana.

“People from all over the world visit our community to enjoy the Continental Divide Trail as it touches the sky at Grays Peak – the highest point of any National Scenic Trail,” said Summit County Commissioner Tamara Pogue. .

“The Continental Divide Trail Completion Act will support our economy and ensure this trail remains a national treasure for generations to come,” said Pogue.

As a National Scenic Trail, the Continental Divide Trail provides a protected beauty area for the public to connect with nature.

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