Beltline’s New Eastside Trail Feature: A Live Radio Station

Coming soon to Beltline’s Eastside Trail: a 24-hour “off-the-grid” streaming radio station featuring some of Atlanta’s hottest DJs.

Driving the news: Starting at 4 p.m. today near the historic Fourth Ward skatepark, DJ Kemit will enter the A/V Radio studio built in a shipping container and kick off the nearly three-month-long experience.

Details: Every week from Friday to Sunday, a diverse group of DJs, including Taradactyl, La Choloteca, Club Morph and more, will take over the bright studio and play genres such as – deep breath – “Latin, House, Disco , New Wave (80’s), Goth, Afrobeat, Jersey Club, Techno, Funk, Underground Club and Vogue Ballroom.

Produced in partnership with Dash.Studio, the project is part of Art on the Beltline and is set to run through June 30.

Origin story: The concept took three years to develop and is inspired by The Lot Radio, a live-streamed community DJ experience in Brooklyn, says Ree de la Vega, a promoter and local DJ who organizes and manages the project.

What they say : “It’s a really cool place where DJs who maybe don’t normally interact with each other, or have never heard of each other, can meet and maybe collaborate,” says de la Vega. . “And for people in Atlanta who drop by or tune in to be exposed to new genres of music.

  • “I always think of a 13-year-old living in Guangzhou or somewhere else going online and being exposed to new things. That’s what really excites me about it.

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