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In every way, “Eastern Ice Owls” is an adventure story. Simply surviving in this part of Russia is a constant challenge, for both wild creatures and humans. For an owl that eats fish and frogs, it is mind-boggling that it survives.

Whether you love stories about birds, the crazy parts of planet Earth that rarely see a writer’s gaze, or scientific exploration, this is a winner.

Shortly after I wrote the story of Slaght’s Odyssey, I picked up the biography of another individual, this one of our own kind, a math professor named Harvey Butchart.

After seeing Butchart described as a “Grand Canyon obsessed” man, I dug a little deeper. And the deeper I went, the more intrigued I became. This curiosity led me to the book “Grand Obsession”, a gripping story about the lifelong effort of a determined man to explore a chasm so immense that despite his pursuit, there are still parts of this canyon where neither he nor anyone else has ever set foot.

Butchart, although theoretically a father with a job, wife and children to raise, would often disappear for long periods of time in the canyon’s labyrinthine mazes, carrying only the essentials of survival, while finding new parts. of the canyon and the paths connecting them with the existing paths. (In his quests there were many attempts to uncover ancient long forgotten paths used by the primitive people who once called the canyon home.)

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