Arbroath once again targets top spot in summer tourism

WITH changing tourist experiences and the new sea pool project set to make waves, Visit Angus is working to reposition Arbroath once again as one of Scotland’s favorite and most popular holiday destinations. at the sea.

With the increase in the variety of outdoor adventures and family experiences on the popular tourist route, The Angus Tour, the area’s appeal has grown significantly in recent years and is expected to attract even more visitors. , as major plans have been put forward to build a sea basin.

The historic Commonwealth Outdoor Pool and traveling carnivals saw Arbroath welcome large numbers of visitors from the Central Belt for their summer holidays between the 1930s and 1960s, including Scottish comedian and legend Billy Connolly.

The growing national trend of overseas holidays in the 1960s and 1970s saw the decline of visits to Arbroath and other UK seaside towns and today travel uncertainty is at its height, Google Analytics showing that questions about how to cancel flights have doubled since last year. Rising airport delays and flight cancellations have seen many cancel overseas holidays and plan staycations instead, once again putting Arbroath on the map as the main seaside resort of Scotland.

A focal point on the Angus coast, Arbroath, home to recently developed mad golf and a swing park at West Links, both wheelchair accessible, is an ideal jumping-off point for the rest of the area’s attractions. Focused on sustainable and responsible tourism, The Angus Tour showcases the exceptional beauty of the region, inspiring people to explore the often-undiscovered delights that await the rest of Angus.

Angus Council’s Communities Councilor Mark McDonald said: ‘Angus Council continues to support the tourism and hospitality sector through its economic recovery. We are delighted to see new open water swimming opportunities being developed to support the health and well-being of our residents and visitors. The Angus Tour highlights Arbroath and Angus as an accessible holiday destination for all visitors.

The future is even more attractive for visitors to Arbroath, as it has been proposed to build a Sea Pool project in the coming years on the beach at Inchcape Park. It aims to be a free facility, open to the general public for years to come. Easily accessible on the beach, the pool will be independent of the tides and filled by the tide twice a day, allowing swimming at any time for locals and visitors.

President Claire Pullar, an open water swimmer, and Kevin Smith, a former heavy construction and deep-sea welding diver, set up a committee to oversee the project. Once built, the pool will be virtually maintenance free and future proof. Funds are raised through lotteries, local councils, grant applications and donations. The first annual general meeting was held in April, with fundraising expected to begin in 2022 and construction in 2024.

For the more daring visitors, Arbroath Cliff Tours, founded by Visit Angus Ambassador, outdoor enthusiast and son of Kevin, Cameron Smith, offers breathtaking kayaking tours through Arbroath’s incredible sea caves and rock formations.

Cameron Smith said: “Arbroath has it all when it comes to adventure and showcases the best of Scottish scenery and scenery making it the ultimate holiday destination. We are a county of thrill seekers who love water sports, hiking and cold water swimming, all of which you will find here. We found people finding us while on The Angus Tour, coming from as far away as Manchester and Liverpool.

Caroline Warburton, Director of Regional Leadership for Visit Scotland, said: “One of Scotland’s sunniest towns, home to long sandy beaches, a picturesque harbour, fascinating history and fantastic food and drink, Arbroath has everything you could want from a seaside holiday destination.”

“The development of new tourist experiences in recent years, such as the Arbroath smokie trail, the West Links amusement park and the upcoming development of the Marine Pool, enhance this appeal, putting Arbroath back on the visitor map.”

“The town is also a fantastic base for exploring the wider Angus region with the help of The Angus Tour. From outdoor adventures to history and culture, to food and drink, the best of Scotland is right here on our doorstep.

Kevin Smith said: “Arbroath is a beautiful beach town with great facilities. The Arbroath Sea Pool Project (ASPP) aims to complement the already vast appeal of Angus, adding an exciting new activity to The Angus Tour, which encourages people to leave the main roads and roads from Dundee to Aberdeen, by following themed routes, which I hope one day will incorporate the Sea Pool. The Sea Pool will allow the community and tourists to enjoy Arbroath’s sandy beach all year round. One of our main objectives is the safety and access of the most vulnerable people and children to the thrills of cold water, but in a safer environment, with a shallow end and soft sand.

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