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MARTINSBURG – According to recent releases from Berkeley County and the City of Martinsburg, the two have approved an intergovernmental agreement in support of the completion of a trail project to expand the W.Va. 9 from the county to the city. When completed, the WV 9 Bikeway Extension will connect to the planned Frog Hollow Recreational Trail in the Town of Martinsburg.

Pictured above are concept designs for future Frog Hollow Trail and Creekside Trail in Martinsburg.

Through the intergovernmental agreement with the City and County Council of Berkeley, this month agreed to pay $57,000 to Civil & Environmental Consultants, Inc., (CEC) to complete design and construction services. engineering for the WV 9 bike path extension project. CEC is doing similar work for the Frog Hollow Recreational Trail for the city.

“I think it’s great that this trail provides residents with a route for biking from Ranson in Jefferson County through the heart of Martinsburg to the Roundhouse and hitting downtown businesses,” said the chairman of the board. Berkeley County, Doug Copenhaver Jr. in a press release. the count. “This is just another example of cooperating with the city of Martinsburg and moving forward for the betterment of the citizens of Berkeley County.”

Berkeley County Councilman Dan Dulyea, who worked on the project with Berkeley County Councilman Eddie Gochenour, said the proposed trail has been discussed extensively with the city, particularly over the past two years.

“Now everything is connected,” Dulyea said. “We’re excited about the opportunity to work with the city to create a trail that connects to Route 9 to extend that path. The biggest benefit of that, I really believe, will be quality of life. I think that will brings a whole new dimension to the Route 9 trail.”

Martinsburg Mayor Kevin Knowles noted that collaboration between the city and county continues to be good.

“Being able to connect the city’s trail systems to Highway 9, being able to go all the way to Charles Town is a benefit for everyone – for tourism and business in the city, the county and also Jefferson County,” Knowles said. .

Gochenour said this expansion will create another opportunity for audiences to be outdoors and moving.

“It’s a great opportunity to open up not only exercise opportunities, but also recreational opportunities that already exist on Route 9, and then it comes to a screeching halt,” Gochenour said. “I think whenever government agencies work together, we can do more together. It really is a positive opportunity for the public to be able to enjoy the outdoors and do something new here.

Estimated to be more than three-quarters of a mile in length, as noted in the Berkeley County news release, the WV 9 Bike Trail Extension is expected to be built from the end of the WV 9 Bike Trail near the Regional Jail. from the east. , to the future Frog Hollow Recreational Trail, linking along South Queen Street near Hack Wilson Way.

The Frog Hollow Rail Spur is over a mile long and runs through downtown Martinsburg. The Frog Hollow Trail is slated for construction tender later this year.

The current Route 9 trail is approximately 10 miles long with endpoints at Grapevine Road outside of Martinsburg and Currie Road in the Ranson/Charles Town area. Construction of the Route 9 and Frog Hollow Trail Extension will extend the Route 9 Trail to Martinsburg Station.

The county’s trail expansion project is expected to be completed within the next 12 to 16 months, according to the release.

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