Aggies Trail 14-13 after crazy first half against Arkansas

The first half of the Southwest Classic was…. memorable. The normally stingy A&M defense gave up 280 total yards and 2 passing touchdowns, including an unusual coverage bust in the secondary to allow Warren Thompson to run wide open down the field for a 56-yard touchdown pass from quarterback -Razorbacks fullback KJ Jefferson to put the Hogs in front 14-0.

After the Aggies failed to move the ball at all and kicked four straight after 3 outs and outs in the first quarter, Devon Achane made the play to open things up, breaking free for a 63-yard run from the Aggies 7-yard line, eventually leading to a 10-yard touchdown pass from Aggies quarterback Max Johnson to first-year receiver Evan Stewart.

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Then the madness really insued. As KJ Jefferson rolled the Arkansas offense down the field again, he ducked and spread the ball out in an attempt to score. But Aggies linebacker Chris Russell stunned the ball before it reached the goal line, and it bounced straight off Aggies corner Tyreek Chappell, who took off with it, then side-swiped it to teammate Demani Richardson who carried it the rest of the 99 yards needed for another Aggies score.

The Aggies missed the extra point and the teams entered the half 14-13.

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