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This weekend, two things happened. We had guests from out of state and it rained on the mountain trails where I usually take visitors.

I’m sure we are all the same when visitors are trapped in our house. Things are said. A bottle is thrown in, a small fire, and then someone uses the hot tub as a bathroom.

To avoid all this, I go to my fallback position. The greenways are always easy to navigate in any weather. If, like me, you like to be outdoors when your surroundings are humid and the air is loaded with humidity, a well-constructed greenway may be a solution.

We briefly explored this area several months ago when I listed a few greenways in a limited way. This week, we’ll come back to it for a closer look. I think this is one of the best built greenways in WNC. The surrounding area might not be as scenic as other places, but the trail itself is worth the trip.

The Purple Martin Trail in Rutherfordton

Difficulty: Easy. There is a slight climb and descent on the way but nothing to worry about.

Shoes: Almost everything you have. I always recommend a shoe with laces. Just dress for the weather and enjoy the hike.

Time: The route is a round trip, so you are responsible for the time you spend on the hike. Take your visitors and take your time. If you allow yourself 2 hours, it should allow for a comfortable walk and conversation.

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