Adventure® Medical Kits Introduces New Coastguard Approved Marine Series

“When designing this series, we wanted to offer the right range of kits and content to meet the needs of any boater,” says Garrett Coxhead of marketing at Adventure Ready Brands, the New Hampshireparent company based at Adventure® Medical Kits. “Receiving the Coast Guard Seal of Approval has been a central part of the product development process. This certification aligns with our ongoing commitment to quality and performance. We take great pride in delivering medical kits that meet to the high standards of the U.S. Coast Guard.”

Along with the Coast Guard seal of approval, the revamped Marine Series is fully waterproof with an IP67 rating. All seven models are designed to meet the needs of a wide variety of boaters, ranging from solo kayakers to recreational boaters and even professionals on commercial fishing vessels with large crews. The first three basic models have a dry bag design for lightweight packability on small boats that can carry six people or less, while the four larger models come in a shockproof container, better suited to larger vessels with more members. of crew. Contents vary by model and offer a robust assortment of supplies, tools, and instructions needed to treat a variety of injuries and ailments. The complete collection includes:

  • Marine 150 (MSRP $64.99)
  • Marine 350 (MSRP $119.99)
  • Marine 450 (MSRP $159.99)
  • Marine 600 (MSRP $209.99)
  • Navy 1500 (MSRP $369.99)
  • Marine 2500 (MSRP $649.99)
  • Marine 3500 (MSRP $849.99)

Full Adventure® Marine Series Medical Kits is now available for purchase at, REI, West Marine and other select retailers nationwide. Please direct all media inquiries to the Senior Account Manager Kevin McCormack to [email protected].

About Adventure Med Kits: The leader in outdoor first aid, Adventure Medical Kits provides the supplies and know-how needed to treat common and serious injuries in the field.

About Adventure Ready Brands: Founded in 1973 in the heart of New Hampshire’s iconic White Mountains, Adventure Ready Brands has always operated with a simple, unified goal: to inspire outdoor adventure, whatever the conditions. With innovative products ranging from Adventure® medical kits organized by injury to the class-leading After Bite® insect bite treatment, Adventure Ready Brands has — and continues — to deliver on that promise.

SOURCE Adventure® Medical Kits

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