A free nature festival will celebrate the famous Big Bear Eagles – NBC Los Angeles

What there is to know

  • Outdoor Adventure Days at Fawnskin Discovery Center
  • August 20 and 21, 2022; hikes, boat trips and nest observation are on the program
  • Free but prior registration required

Small birds, as a rule, grow into bigger birds, and larger birds, quite usually, spread their wings, which means that a first flight and saying goodbye to the nest are imminent and exciting acts.

That’s exactly what fans of Jackie and Shadow witnessed earlier this year, as their fluffy tyke, named “Spirit” after local kids selected one of potential names submitted via a competition, became bigger and bolder, and eventually left the family. -the house of heaven.

The famous tree camera has attracted fans from across Southern California and around the world, but visiting Big Bear Lake and viewing the lakeside nest in person, from a good distance away, is an enjoyable activity that few eagle enthusiasts enjoy. have appreciated.

That will change on August 20 and 21 when Outdoor Adventure Days spreads its wings and lands at the Discovery Center in Fawnskin.

The weekend-long festival isn’t just about Jackie, Shadow and Spirit, but you can bet a number of visitors will want to take a peek, from afar, at the much-admired nest.

This is a nest that is currently empty, ever since Spirit took flight and Jackie and Shadow have been here and there (adult eagles return from time to time, to carefully place another stick or check on how their territory is doing , but it is rarer on hot summer days).

Other events during the nature-focused weekend include special hikes, naturalist-led moments, and a guided bird walk. It is also possible to get to the sparkling lake by paddle boat or kayak.

You are welcome to show off with a bike or rent wheels if you want to take part in a spectacular ride through the beautiful forests of the Alpine region.

Are you attending this outdoor party? It’s free, but you’ll need to register in advance.

Before we know it, the fall will return, and with it, fingers, wings, and talons crossed? Jackie and Shadow’s annual stick show, a fascinating process that involves the famous birds preparing their nests for winter and the possible arrival of the ever-obsessed eggs.

But while summer is here, we can bask in the beauty of Big Bear Lake and its nearby gifts of recreation and nature, over an uplifting August weekend.

We will never soar like Jackie and Shadow like to do, but our own spirit can soar while connecting to this wooded wonderland of animals, trees, water and light.

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