8 must-see adventures in the Ogden Mountains

Ogden’s roads point to National Forest lands, this mountain town sits at the base of steep foothills, and the trail system is easily accessible from almost anywhere. Our town is sandwiched between the Wasatch Mountain Range and the shores of Great Salt Lake, where the landscape changes from bustling city life to a natural playground in minutes. While there are plenty more, here are eight of the best things to do in and near the Ogden Mountains.

1. Hike the Skyline Trail

The mountains that provide the incredible backdrop of Ogden are a chain of peaks that rise to over 8,000 feet above sea level. Two peaks really rise above them all, Willard Peak and Ben Lomond at over 9,000 feet tall. An epic trail follows the entire ridge line and climbs to the summit of Northern Wasatch. This is the Skyline Trail. Ideal for hiking and Mountain bike once the snow has melted, the trail stretches north and south of the North Ogden Divide, and both directions feature a set of steep switchbacks before reaching the hilly, high-elevation ridge line and stunning views of both sides of the chain – Salt Lake Valley to the west and the Ogden Valley to the east.

2. Find the falls on the Waterfall Canyon Trail

8 must-see adventures in the Ogden Mountains
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Just outside of town, melting snow from the mountains feeds a 200-foot waterfall in the aptly named Waterfall canyon. From the trailheads at the top of 27th Street or 29th Street, a family trail leads to the falls. The path features brilliant spring wildflowers and views of Ogden on the gradual climb up the canyon. Once inside the narrow gorge the trail steepens but soon rewards you with the huge waterfall at the end.

3. Navigate the Bonneville Shoreline Trail

8 must-see adventures in the Ogden Mountains

Bonneville Shoreline Trail stretches along the Salt Lake Valley at the foot of the mountains. The section on Ogden offers great views of the city and the lake. The rolling terrain, proximity to town, and the choice of numerous trailheads make this the perfect choice for hiking, biking and running to start or end the day. Junctions with other trails around Mount Ogden Park and shorter canyons such as Taylor Canyon or Jump-Off Canyon provide options for longer adventures.

4.Biking at Wheeler Creek in Ogden Canyon

Most of the trails around Ogden are open to mountain bikes, but Ogden Canyon has some of the best. Begin at Wheeler Creek Trailhead on the wide trail that gently climbs into the canyon, then choose your adventure once the canyon forks at Art North Trailhead. From there, single track trails cross open meadows, deep forests, streams and alpine ponds to connect more amazing trails to Snowbasin Resort to the south or Ogden Canyon Overlook and Sardine Peak to the north. Find a list of trails at Trails Foundation Northern Utah.

5. Rock climbing on 9th street

8 must-see adventures in the Ogden Mountains

Ogden is at the heart of tons of climbing on the wild and varied Wasatch Rock, and some of the best rocks are located right outside town. Sport climbing at 9th Street is the most easily accessible. The wall rises just above the city, offering stunning views. A variety of difficulties caters for all skill levels and the southern exposure makes it suitable most of the year.

6. Go to ski resorts

8 must-see adventures in the Ogden Mountains

The ski resorts of the Ogden region are known for their abundance of “the greatest snow on Earth” during the winter, but the summer offers miles of trails through meadows of wildflowers, aspen and woodlands. pine forests leading to stunning mountain views. Snow basin‘s Needles Gondola operates every weekend (except July 25-26) with lunch service on the Needles Lodge terrace. Mini-golf is also operational on weekends in the base area.

7. Sunbathe on the beach

After a morning spent on the trails, you might be ready for a place to cool off for the afternoon. View of the pines and Causey reservoirs are two of Ogden’s favorites, heralded by locals for paddleboarding, kayaking, boating or just lounging at the beach. Rentals are available near both reservoirs, making it easy to get gear that lets you sail for the day. Both reservoirs are about half an hour from Ogden town center, so be sure to pack your bathing suit for this trip.

8. Explore the public art scene in Ogden

Finally, end your day with a stroll around town to enjoy some of the public city art. A few rooms function as landmarks, like the Ogden Arch, which sits where the Ogden River flows under Washington Boulevard. Others are hidden gems worth discovering, like the Ogden Intermodal Transport Center (where you take the train and most buses), which houses bronze installations on the train platform, an indoor hanging sculpture and a beautiful installation of ironwork on the outside of a recovered wagon. Enjoy the First Friday Artistic Walk each month, which features extended hours in most galleries and special exhibitions in many 25th Street Historic Shops and Restaurants. In summer, the First Friday Art Stroll is a great way to experience Ogden’s art scene. Check with galleries and restaurants for lineup and participation.

Ready to put on your boots and head to the Ogden Mountains? Start planning your summer vacation today!

Originally written by Jesse Weber for RootsRated in partnership with the Utah Tourism Board. Subsequently edited by Visit Ogden.

Remember, if you recreate, donate. If you use these wild places, make sure you are part of # Wild4Ogden, our part in the Pledge for the Wild campaign and donate $ 1 for every mile of trail used or hour in nature. We are delighted to have joined other outdoor and wilderness recreation communities to promote responsible tourism and raise awareness of opportunities to give back to the wild places of our iconic mountain town. We Whether it’s a traveler or a local, there are always ways to give back and help the organizations that help take care of these amazing places. Find out how to purchase special edition outdoor recreation posters and learn more about # Wild4Ogden at www.visitogden.com/wild4ogden/.

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