4 reasons why you shouldn’t miss Texan outdoor adventures

We’ve been locked away at home for a while now, so a trip to explore the Texas great outdoors might be just what you need to feel revitalized again. If you’ve never been on an adventure to explore these regions before, there is a lot waiting for you. In fact, let us give you four reasons why you really shouldn’t miss out.

Explore the massive and diverse Big Bend National Park

Walk through beautiful Big Bend National Park, rugged, secluded, and following one of the many top trails here. The most popular are the Santa Elena Canyon Trail and the Window Trail. You’ll make your way through desert lands, snow-capped peaks, and vast forests as you pass through a single, unique US national park in itself.

Kayak to the Devil’s Hole!

You can bring your own canoe / kayak to the lake if you are keen on kayaking, but you can always hire one on site. Before you get to the stunning scenery around the Devil’s Waterhole (east end), you will likely see a few snakes enjoying the sunlight on the rocks by the shore.

Immerse yourself in the pure and breathtaking waters of Jacob’s Well

You will need to be in the town of Wimberley if you want to experience all that Jacob’s Well has to offer. The enormous underwater caves are located under the clear, pure water of the well, which finds its way from the largest artesian aquifer system in Texas and the United States, a.k.a. the Edwards aquifer.

The water temperature here is estimated to never stray too far from the 68 ° F mark, making it perfect for cliff jumping, cave diving, and swimming. However, it is extremely dangerous to go beyond the first chamber for cave diving, especially without significant experience.

Outdoor adventures aren’t exclusive to regular campers and hikers

There was a time when clear lines separated adventurous personalities who love the outdoors and sports from the studious homebody. These lines do not exist outside of our thinking because people generally have several aspects to their personality. For example, Rodger Saffold, Rick Fox, Gordon Hayward, Demetrious Johnson, Marshawn Lynch, Christiano Ronaldo and several other former / active superstar athletes are personally and professionally involved in the massive esports and online gaming industry today. When the world’s greatest professional athletes and adventurers frequently broadcast their gaming sessions live on social media, you know those stereotypes are no longer valid.

More and more ordinary people are starting to realize that they can enjoy camping, swimming and kayaking in the middle of a national park, without having to hate their home life on principle! Sometimes, however, we all need to put down the controller, grab our gear, and have a real adventure no matter what our usual lifestyle is. You don’t need any previous experience to get started either, but you will need good orientation.

The rugged state has more adventures to offer than anyone can hope for in one visit. Consider prioritizing the options based on your own preferences. As for the places themselves, you can always start with those mentioned here.

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