Preparing for a backpacking trip goes something like this:"/>

4 reasons why a post-adventure drink is worth the (little) extra weight in your bag


Preparing for a backpacking trip goes something like this: lay out your gear, pack the essentials, then agonize over the little things that add weight but increase comfort and enjoyment. That camp chair? Difficult decision. But a few extra ounces of good humor are always worth packing. here’s why TINCUP mountain whiskey along your adventure should be considered essential.

Toast to an epic view

At the end of a long day of hiking, it can be tempting to drop your bag off at the first campsite you come across. Don’t. It’s always worth the extra effort to find a spot with a view, near a sparkling alpine lake or overlooking a desert canyon. Whatever natural wonders surround you, a great view calls for a good drink. Watching the sunset in a beautiful location is even more enjoyable with a delicious whiskey in hand. Think of yourself as the only patron of the coolest and most exclusive outdoor bar around.

Celebrate a Safe and Successful Summit

Summits (or even attempted summits with a sure call to turn around if necessary) are absolutely worth celebrating. But statistics show that more problems occur on the descent when people are tired and more likely to be blurry. The summit is the perfect place to soak up the accomplishment (and the views) and fuel up for the descent with a tasty snack. Pocket bacon anyone? Then, when you’re back at camp, put your feet up and pour a little backcountry cocktail as your well-deserved reward for a safe and successful mission.

Surprise your friends

Imagine arriving at camp after a tiring day on a warm, sunny trail. The whole group is exhausted (and probably quite thirsty). Once your friends have rehydrated, pull out your secret stash of TINCUP Mountain Whiskey as a surprise treat. The looks on their faces will be unbeatable, and that extra cargo you’ve carried with you for all those miles will immediately be worth its weight in the happiness you create. And, hey, maybe they’ll return the favor one day!

Spice up your evening drink

A hot drink on a cool night in the mountains is a must. Kick your hottest up a notch with the addition of your favorite whiskey. For a high alpine grog, mix the original TINCUP whiskey with a sachet of honey and a little lemon. Or add a healthy dose of TINCUP Rye Whiskey to a packet of Spiced Cider Mix for a festive vibe.

TINCUP Mountain Whiskey is cut with Rocky Mountain water. The pewter mug that accompanies each bottle of TINCUP is a nod to the old pewter mugs from which Rocky Mountain miners drank their whiskey. It’s also a convenient way to enjoy TINCUP after an epic outdoor adventure with friends. To follow the latest adventure, check out TINCUP on Instagram @tincupwhiskey.

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