20 excuses you can no longer use not to go out

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If you’ve been putting off outdoor adventure for years, you’ve officially run out of excuses.

We can answer and counter just about any reason you use for not going out.

1. I don’t know how.

Need to learn how to hunt, fish or do something else outdoors? We have what you need. Check out our beginner’s guide to deer hunting or an overview of bass fishing basics. If this is another topic you want to know more about, search for it using the button at the top right of this page.

2. I live in a city.

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Even if you head to the concrete jungle every day, you’re probably no more than an hour away from an outdoor oasis. Relax with a scenic after-work hike or plan a weekend getaway to the mountains.

3. I am too busy.

If you have time to binge on a full season of Friends, you have time for a one hour adventure in the great outdoors. It doesn’t take long to hike a local loop or catch a trout.

4. I am too young.

Many states now have supervised hunting opportunities from an early age, and depending on your young age, you can probably fish legally without a license in most states.

5. I am too old.

If you can’t climb like you used to, adjust your tactics or take on a new hobby. You can even get discounted hunting or fishing licenses as a senior, so there’s no reason to stop!

6. I’m too fit.

Choose a low impact hobby like lakeside fishing or go big and whip yourself into an elk shape.

7. No one will take me.

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Most state wildlife agencies and many conservation organizations have mentorship programs in place. Find one near the year and make new friends.

8. I have nowhere to practice.

Even if you live in the city center, you have the option of practicing with guns. Check the NSSF Beach Finder to find a location near you.

9. It’s too expensive.

Choose a free outdoor hobby like shed hunting or mushroom hunting. You can also enjoy free fishing days across the country.

10. I don’t have the equipment.

While some outdoor hobbies require a lot of equipment, all you need are shoes on your feet to enjoy the park’s trails, wild mushrooms, and shed woods.

11. I don’t want meat.

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If you don’t like fish or game (or if you already have a fully stocked freezer), consider food donation programs in your area. Fuel up outdoors and help someone in need!

12. I’m afraid of heights.

Not all deer hunts require trees, and not all hikes climb to high elevations. You can hunt from a ground blind, hike flat trails, or float in a low level stream. No need to climb high.

13. I am afraid of water.

Try your hand at a hobby on dry land, such as hiking, hunting, or mountain biking.

14. I hate bugs.

Take a Thermacell, douse yourself in tick spray, and wear one of these mosquito bracelets.

15. I don’t want to get lost.

Apps like Garmin’s onX and GPS units have come a long way, and you can get started at an affordable monthly rate.

16. I’m afraid of bears.

Carry bear spray and / or an appropriate handgun. And learn to identify bear signs so you can avoid them.

17. I’m afraid of snakes.

Put on snake boots or gaiters and carry your handgun. And learn how to avoid winding areas.

18. I am too tired.

While your odds are highest on day one, many hunters are successful by mid-morning and later in the day. So you can still sleep and rest completely.

19. I have children.

Good! Take them with you and share your hobby with them.

20. I don’t know where to start.

Overwhelmed by options and your lack of knowledge? Pick a hobby and dive deep to learn all you can! Again, we can help you! Simply search for the activity of your choice using our search tool and scroll through our collection of articles, videos and more.

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