10 of the Most Scenic Adventures You Can Have in Big Sky Montana

Located in southwestern Montana, Big Sky is the mecca of adventure. With towering mountains, scenic trails, and beautiful bodies of water, adventurers here will have the opportunity to enjoy experiences such as mountain biking, hiking, and more.

When the snow rolls in, this mountainous region turns into an ideal ski resort where one can enjoy some of the best ski areas in the country. For adventurers heading to this Montana destination, here are the most scenic adventures you can’t miss.

ten Enjoy the scenery of Ousel Falls

Ousel Falls is one of Big Sky’s finest natural attractions that is well worth seeing. Before you can see the trail, however, you’ll have to hike the 1.8-mile scenic trail that leads to it.

Although it is such a short hike, it may take some time as there are so many scenic stops that hikers will be tempted to make.

9 Go white-water rafting on the Gallatin River

The Gallatin River is one of the best white water rafting destinations in the country.

Both beginners and experienced paddlers have plenty to enjoy on this river as some parts feature class V rapids while other parts of the river are gentler.

The Mad Mile is a special part of the river for adrenaline junkies. Apart from rapids, adventurers will also encounter several rocks and other obstacles on the way that must be overcome.

If the thrill of this white water rafting on the Gallatin River is enough to satisfy the adventurers, the landscape encountered is also something unique.

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8 Discover fly fishing

Fly fishing is a popular activity in Big Sky and there are plenty of stresses and rivers for this activity nearby. The Gallatin is an ideal place to start this exciting adventure.

Here there is always an opportunity to catch trout. Other nearby rivers for fly fishing around Big Sky include Madison, Yellowstone, and Missouri.

seven Go skiing at Big Sky Resort

Big Sky Resort is the go-to destination for all ski activities in Big Sky Montana. With the resort spanning over 5,800 acres, adventurers will have plenty of room to enjoy world-class skiing.

At Big Sky Resort, there is something for everyone, from beginners to experienced skiers. With an average annual snowfall of 400 inches, Big Sky Resort also ranks among the snowiest places in the country.

The dry and fluffy nature of the snow in some parts of the resort also makes it more attractive to spend a winter vacation here.

6 Take a tram ride

Several chairlifts are available at Big Sky to provide visitors with thrills and a bird’s eye view of the mountain scenery.

This activity usually takes place in the summer, so it may be necessary to check the website to check if they are still open for the season.

5 Hike among the flowers on the Beehive Basin Trail

Several hiking trails are available for hiking in Big Sky, but Beehive Basin is the perfect place for those looking for a change of scenery.

The 2.9 mile trail rises to an elevation of 9,200 feet and offers picturesque views of a crystal clear lake and wildflowers in summer.

4 Take a road trip through Yellowstone National Park

The iconic Yellowstone National Park is less than an hour’s drive from Big Sky, but while the national park is worth visiting, it’s the drive to the park that makes it even more interesting.

In the park, adventurers can engage in activities such as camping, hiking, biking, and fishing.

The park is also home to interesting wildlife (you can see grizzly bears and wolves up close) and natural attractions like Old Faithful, the Grand Canyon of Yellowstone, Mammoth Hot Springs, and Tower Fall.

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3 Experience the Gallatin River Zipline

Ziplining at Big Sky offers a bird’s eye view of the scenic landscape while enjoying thrills.

Several companies offer this experience for Big Sky adventurers, but the Gallatin River Zipline is perhaps the most scenic as it will glide one over lush forest and the scenic Gallatin River.

2 Visit the Lonely Mountain Ranch

Montana is one of the best places in the country to witness a cowboy lifestyle and the Lone Mountain Ranch is perfect for that experience.

The ranch spans 148 acres and offers upscale accommodations, a wide variety of services, and plenty of opportunities for outdoor adventures.

The ranch’s proximity to world-famous attractions such as Yellowstone National Park and Big Sky Resort also means you’ll have plenty to do here.

1 Climb the lonely mountain

Lone Mountain offers a thrilling climb that offers stunning views of the surrounding landscape.

The mountain rises to an elevation of 11,617 feet and has trams for those who don’t want to endure the stress of climbing to the top.

Those looking for adventure can take the 11.3 km round trip trail which takes around 6 hours to complete.

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